Never lose a website again.

Fetching is a new kind of bookmarking app. It keeps track of all the web pages you visit so you can easily re-find them later.

It's like your own personal Google -- a search engine for all the web pages you've seen.

a new kind of bookmarking app, saves everything
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Saves Everything  New

Fetching saves the full content of the web pages you visit exactly as you see them so you can search on what you remember -- not on what happens to be public. View your cached page copies at any time.

Powerful Search

Sophisticated search ensures you always find what you're looking for, even if you only remember a few keywords. Natural language processing ensures you get results even when you can't be precise. Learn more

Sophisticated Filters

Slice and dice your data like a samurai. Filter your results by domain, time, body, title, notes and tags. Search results can be viewed by relevancy or in a time-line.

Automatic  New

Fetching is fully automatic via a browser plug-in that runs in the background. Just like your browser history -- only better. You don't need to do anything to keep track of everything. Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all supported.

Complete Privacy Control

Fetching is fully disabled in private and incognito modes and the extension can be turned off at any time. Rich filtering by domain and regular expression lets you blacklist any site.

Tags and Notes  New

Tag like a pro including auto-complete and keep notes on important sites directly from your browser. Easily search and filter on both.

Quick and Simple UI

Fetching uses reactive technology, responding immediately as you search and add content. A clean user interface gets you quickly to your goal then gets out of the way.


Just like mom used to make. You can bookmark / favorite any site directly from your browser without leaving the page you're reading. Easily filter and search your saved sites later.

API Access  New

All accounts now include API access both via REST and DDP making it easy to create widgets, plug-ins or other software that incorporations your bookmarks and browsing data. Read the API documentation

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Supercharge Your History

Fetching has been designed specifically for .

You can even tag, bookmark and take notes directly from without leaving the web page you're on.

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The best research tool I've ever come across. Being able to quickly search all sites I've visited is more invaluable than I ever thought it would be.
Mahalie Stackpole, Designer at Redfin
There is literally no other service you can find for this price that does this level of work. 11/10
Arthur Stanciu, Software Engineer
Fetching treats you like part of the family, with kind guidance and unconditional support. A stellar team.
Ali Serhal, Medical Student
This is awesome. I will be using this multiple times a day.
Hiten Shah, Founder KISSmetrics

"Caches every single webpage you visit, creating your own personal search engine."

"Saves a comprehensive copy of your history for years to come."

"A Mac app that will make you say WOW"

Fetching for Mac

Exactly the same features running natively on your Mac.
Totally private and blazingly fast.

Totally Private Native stores all data on your hard drive. Nothing is ever broadcast over the Internet. Your existing firewall and other security measures ensure your personal search index is accessible only to you.

Highly Secure

If you backup your data or use disk encryption, then your data will be backed up and encrypted too. Want to clear your history? Just delete the files from your disk. You own and have complete control over your data.

Sync To the Cloud  New

Fetching Native now includes a free, optional Cloud account to which you can sync your bookmarks. Your full index is privately stored on your local machine but your bookmarks are available from any device with an Internet connection. Learn more

Fantastic Support

Speak to customer service without leaving the app. Just click the help icon and ask your question. Help is on the way.

Runs in the Background

Fetching stays out of your way -- until you need it. Hide the application from the dock and task switcher then search directly from your browser.

Automatic Updates

Fetching determines if a new update is available and gives you the option to download and install it.

Server Mode  New

Advanced users can now configure Fetching Native to run as a server giving you full access to your search index from multiple computers and mobile devices. Learn more

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