Recent Updates

A few important improvements were released today in version 0.0.1:

  • Search, all, and bookmark results are now infinitely paginated.
  • Greatly improved responsive UI for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Added the ability to cancel an account and permanently remove all data.
  • Added dedicated filter and remove fly-out. Now you can remove all pages that match a filter.
  • Updated the detail UI to separate important controls into sidebar fly-outs.
  • Added share links; now you can easily tweet, post to facebook or email links.
  • Added support for search suggestions autocomplete via the Chrome plugin.
  • Fixed bug breaking the back button for users not signed in.
  • Your personal search history is now recorded and suggestions made as you type.
  • Added ignore control to search results to simplify adding filter patterns to the URL exclusion list.
  • Added option to subscribe to list to be notified of feature updates.
  • Improved support for searching history on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Speed improvements to how search results are managed live.
  • Added the option to remove any document from the index by clicking remove.
  • Incorporated usability feedback into the design of the Chrome extension especially for first time users.
  • Added support for “inline” search. Entering f <search term> now searches your personal index without requiring you to visit first.