Announcing Localhost

A fully functional version of that runs natively on your Mac.

The most commonly requested “feature” I hear is for a version of that runs natively on users’ computers. People love the ability to search their full browsing history instantly, but some are not willing to store that history in the cloud – no matter how secure it might be.

I’m pleased to announce today that a beta version of exactly this is now available to a select group of users for testing.

It’s called LocalHost. It’s identical to the hosted version including the same sophisticated search and indexing technology. You get the same great search experience and exactly the same feature set – but in a native format just like any other installed application on your computer. The back-end database and search engine are tiny services that run in the background. The front-end is a natively wrapped chrome-based version of the online application. It even has support for automatically updating it self with new versions.

It works automatically with the browser plugin you already have. Just run the application and your browser will automatically stop sending documents to the hosted application and instead use only the locally running app.

Currently only Mac OSX is supported. A Linux version is on the way. Windows is a little further off. All your data is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/fetching and thus is automatically backed up via Time Machine and protected by FileVault (or whatever alternative systems you might use).

The content is served by a locally running web server which you can access if desired. For example you could use port forwarding to allow yourself access remotely to your search index. LocalHost even provides API access so you can mash-up additional functionality with your local database.

I’m offering LocalHost for free during the beta period – I very much want your feedback!

Become a beta tester