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Announcing Fetching Server!

We’re pleased to announce Fetching Server, a new feature that lets you run Fetching Native as a server so you can access your local index from any device or computer on the Internet (or your local network).

This gives you two important benefits:

  1. You can now have multiple computers adding content to your index.
  2. You can search your full index from any device.

These exact same features are provided by Fetching Cloud (which is hosted by us) but Fetching Server let’s you keep your index entirely on your own computer, and gives you complete control over how you expose your data to the public Internet. Note that Cloud Sync is still a better option if all you need is access to your bookmarks from any device.

To enable Server Mode please visit the Server section ofSettings. You’ll then need to configure your router and a few environment variables depending on your local network setup.

To learn more please see the native help section.

Of course, your thoughts and feedback are very important to us, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how it goes or ask for help via the red support link in the corner.