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Announcing Fetching Server

Announcing Fetching Server!

We’re pleased to announce Fetching Server, a new feature that lets you run Fetching Native as a server so you can access your local index from any device or computer on the Internet (or your local network).

This gives you two important benefits:

  1. You can now have multiple computers adding content to your index.
  2. You can search your full index from any device.

These exact same features are provided by Fetching Cloud (which is hosted by us) but Fetching Server let’s you keep your index entirely on your own computer, and gives you complete control over how you expose your data to the public Internet. Note that Cloud Sync is still a better option if all you need is access to your bookmarks from any device.

To enable Server Mode please visit the Server section ofSettings. You’ll then need to configure your router and a few environment variables depending on your local network setup.

To learn more please see the native help section.

Of course, your thoughts and feedback are very important to us, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how it goes or ask for help via the red support link in the corner.

Announcing Fetching.io Localhost

A fully functional version of fetching.io that runs natively on your Mac.

The most commonly requested “feature” I hear is for a version of fetching.io that runs natively on users’ computers. People love the ability to search their full browsing history instantly, but some are not willing to store that history in the cloud – no matter how secure it might be.

I’m pleased to announce today that a beta version of exactly this is now available to a select group of users for testing.

It’s called Fetching.io LocalHost. It’s identical to the hosted version including the same sophisticated search and indexing technology. You get the same great search experience and exactly the same feature set – but in a native format just like any other installed application on your computer. The back-end database and search engine are tiny services that run in the background. The front-end is a natively wrapped chrome-based version of the online application. It even has support for automatically updating it self with new versions.

It works automatically with the browser plugin you already have. Just run the application and your browser will automatically stop sending documents to the hosted application and instead use only the locally running app.

Currently only Mac OSX is supported. A Linux version is on the way. Windows is a little further off. All your data is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/fetching and thus is automatically backed up via Time Machine and protected by FileVault (or whatever alternative systems you might use).

The content is served by a locally running web server which you can access if desired. For example you could use port forwarding to allow yourself access remotely to your search index. Fetching.io LocalHost even provides API access so you can mash-up additional functionality with your local database.

I’m offering Fetching.io LocalHost for free during the beta period – I very much want your feedback!

Become a beta tester

One million documents indexed!

I’m pleased to announce that fetching has today reached an exciting benchmark: over one million documents indexed. It’s both exciting and gratifying to see so many people finding fetching.io useful. It’s been fantastic to hear again and again how much people love the security of being able to effortlessly search through everything they’ve seen.

I’ve spend $0 on marketing and advertising. Watching the fetching.io user base grow organically has been tremendous. With the upcoming release of fetching.io LocalHost plus other exciting features I’m very hopeful that we can reach two million in at least half the time we’ve taken to get here.

Thank you!

Recent Updates

A few important improvements were released today in version 0.0.1:

  • Search, all, and bookmark results are now infinitely paginated.
  • Greatly improved responsive UI for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Added the ability to cancel an account and permanently remove all data.
  • Added dedicated filter and remove fly-out. Now you can remove all pages that match a filter.
  • Updated the detail UI to separate important controls into sidebar fly-outs.
  • Added share links; now you can easily tweet, post to facebook or email links.
  • Added support for search suggestions autocomplete via the Chrome plugin.
  • Fixed bug breaking the back button for users not signed in.
  • Your personal search history is now recorded and suggestions made as you type.
  • Added ignore control to search results to simplify adding filter patterns to the URL exclusion list.
  • Added option to subscribe to list to be notified of feature updates.
  • Improved support for searching history on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Speed improvements to how search results are managed live.
  • Added the option to remove any document from the index by clicking remove.
  • Incorporated usability feedback into the design of the Chrome extension especially for first time users.
  • Added support for “inline” search. Entering f <search term> now searches your personal index without requiring you to visit fetching.io first.