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Get the browser history search you've always wanted.

The full text of every page you visit is archived, exactly as you see it. Powerful search ensures you can quickly find any page you've seen.

You can even tag, bookmark and take notes directly from safari without leaving the web page you're on.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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browser history search for Safari

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Fetching saves the full content of the web pages you visit exactly as you see them so you can search on what you have actually seen. safari history stores only the URL and title which often won't include the terms you happen to remember.

Powerful Search

Easily find what you are looking for with state of the art, powerful browser history search. Natural language processing ensures you get results even when you can't be precise. safari search performs exact matching only -- if your memory is fuzzy your search results will be too.

Your Personal Time Machine  New

Fetching keeps a cached copy of every web page you've seen. If the web page is taken down or changes, you'll still have a copy of exactly what you saw.

Sophisticated Filters  New

Slice and dice your data like a samurai. Filter your results by domain, time, body, title, notes and tags. Natural language processing ensures you get results even when you can't be precise.

Lasts Forever

Fetching keeps your browsing history forever so you'll never lose an important web page again. safari history goes back only a few weeks. Want to clear your browser cache? Your history is gone forever too.

Keep Only What You Want

Strong privacy controls let you easily exclude anything. Filter by domain or regular expression. safari history stores everything without exception.

Tag and Keep Notes  New

Tag, favorite and keep notes on any item in your history. Search on your tags and notes later. safari history can't be edited or annotated.

Quick and Simple UI

Fetching uses reactive technology, responding immediately as you search and add content. A clean user interface gets you quickly to your goal then gets out of the way.

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Totally private and blazingly fast.

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