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Release Notes

Release notes apply to both Fetching Cloud and Native unless otherwise noted.

v1.7.4  4/3/2017

  • Added Gatekeeper support. Fetching is now signed and verified bv Apple, Inc.

v1.7.3  3/26/2017

  • Reduced application size by over 300MB.
  • App will now now open or flash a window when started (click the menue bar icon to open instead).

v1.7.2  3/12/2017

  • Mojor update!
  • Upgraded the underlying application system providing significant speed and stability improvements.
  • Replaced process managmenet sytem to improve how search service and database engine is controlled.
  • Upgraded UI subsystem to latest version improving stability and speed.
  • Preview pane now includes a full preview of the site as it is in your cache.

v1.6.0  3/6/2016

  • Shiny new date range control let's you filter and search by date.
  • Made several changes to improve the speed of search results.
  • Add migration system to manage data migrations to database schema.
  • Added migration to correct inaccurate (and previously unused) first visited date for documents.

v1.5.1  2/27/2016

  • Fetching Cloud now includes a preview of the most recent page snapshot.
  • Fetching Native automatically creates the OSX configuration file used for setting custom environment variables.
  • Fixed a bug causing page separators to sometimes display incorrectly.

v1.4.0  2/14/2016

  • Added simple firewall to increase security for Fetching Native.
  • Improved UI flow when using password-only logins in server mode.
  • Now automatically logging out all other clients on password change or when server mode is disabled.

v1.3.5  2/5/2016

  • Added pagination separators to improve dealing with long lists of results.
  • Fixed a security bug affecting cloud sync account creation.
  • Fixed a bug causing confusion logging into cloud accounts.

v1.3.4  1/21/2016

  • Fixed an issue causing some coupon codes to be incorrectly rejected.
  • Fixed a UI bug screwing up the layout of the tags input.

v1.3.3  1/4/2016

  • Fixed a bug which caused Cloud Sync setup to fail for some newly created accounts.

v1.3.1  1/4/2016

  • Added Fetching Server mode which allows Fetching Native to act as a server, allowing you to add multiple computers to your Fetching index and to search your full index from mobile devices. Learn more in the new native help section.
  • Made significant improvements to CloudSync (and Server) setup UI, simplifying configuration and setup requirements.
  • Fixed several bugs related to data sync and import.

v1.2.3  12/10/2015

  • Fixed a bug causing some tags with special characters to throw search errors.

v1.2.2  11/1/2015

  • Search recall has been significantly improved! More sophisticated algorithms now match your search terms and your intent with much greater accuracy dramatically improving the relevancy of search results for many types of common queries.
  • Simple spelling correction will now surface documents that otherwise may not have matched when either keywords or search queries were misspelled.
  • A new interface has been added to simplify and improve filtering by tags.
  • Search queries are now available in basic and advanced modes. When searching by field specifier, advanced mode is automatically activated (as indicated by the yellow search input).
  • Improved documentation has been added to help clarify advanced search options.
  • Version numbering has been updated to keep Cloud and Native versions in sync.

v0.8.1  9/22/2015

  • Search options have been added to Settings with a control to specify if search results should be sorted by date or relevancy by default.
  • Subscription renewal dates now take into account trial periods.

v0.8.0  8/9/2015

  • When searching Google, if any matching results from your history are found, they'll show up at the top of your Google results.
  • Firefox and Safari plugins now automatically open the edit pane when using the bookmark command keys. Chrome doesn't allow this.
  • Search results suggestions now include smart highlighting and are returned faster.
  • Core libraries have been updated to improve security and performance.

v0.7.5  6/3/2015

  • Tag management has been updated so that changes are now correctly reflected instantly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the tag drawer to not open.
  • Cloud accounts no longer require a first and last name.

v0.7.4  6/1/2015

  • Fixed an important bug causing some tag and delete operations to fail.

v0.7.3  5/19/2015

  • Fixed a bug related to searching on tags that contain spaces or punctuation.
  • Improved import performance and fixed a bug related to importing links with tags.
  • Other performance improvements and updates.

v0.7.0  4/14/2015

  • Native app can now sync bookmarks to the web application, so your bookmarks are available from any device.
  • All Native app users get a free cloud account to which bookmarks are synced. Use of this feature is optional.
  • A beta version of the API has been released. Please contact support if you're interested in trying it out.
  • Settings and subscription views have been consolidated and improved.

v0.6.5  4/1/2015

  • Significant stability and performance improvements including better memory handling and reduced disk utilization.
  • Added change log information and improved UI when new releases become available.

v0.6.4  2/8/2015

  • Improved support for Firefox users.
  • Improved handling of large search result sets including more responsive pagination.

v0.6.3  12/9/2014

  • Added new date based sort and UI display.
  • Improved the process by which search results are live updated.
Note: Release notes were started after version v0.6.2